Pantera Evo - 2 Speed Energy Efficient Pump


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Introducing the high performance pump that delivers energy savings with minimal up-front costs!

Cost as little as $5 a week to run!

The new Pantera® Evolution is the ideal pump for new or existing pools. Utilising efficient hydraulic design and the latest technology in electronic control two speed motors, the Pantera Evo’ has the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. The Pantera Evo’ delivers energy savings for a realistic cost outlay and the power when you need it. The Pantera Evo’ is a direct drop in replacement for the thousands of LTP and PPP series of pumps in use today.

  • High Efficiency Dual Speed Motor – Totally enclosed fan cooled design keep  motor shielded from the elements for extended life.
  • Innovative hydraulic isolator separates priming water from pumping water, for faster priming and greater efficiency.
  • New sound dampening elevated motor base.

Pantera EVO 2 Speed Pump Savings

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