GK Series Retro Fit MULTI COLOUR Pool Light


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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The new LED GK Series MULTI COLOUR Retro Fit Pool Light will replace basically any old pool light, and will give your a radiant make over!

These modern LED lights use around 88% less energy than the older halogen counterparts. This upgrade will not only improve the looks of your pool, but it will decrease the running costs and decrease your electricity bill.


  • Save up to 88% electricity
  • Give your pool a bright and modern look with this LED light
  • Easy to Install
  • Australian Made!


  • Durable. With advanced LED technology, patented cable connections and IPX8 water-ingress protection deliver top durability, year after year.
  • Brightest LED Lights on the market, brighter illumination than a 100 watt halogen globe.
  • Simple Installation. No need to drain the pool, no sparky needed
  • Replaces all brands. No need to replace transformer or wiring
  • Save up to 88% of electricity
  • Variable Voltage. These lights will work on any AC transformer from 12v to 32 v

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