Freeflo Cartridge Filters


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The FreeFlo Cartridge is a top of the range cartridge filter, low maintenance, all at a great price. The special cartridge element inside can filter particles in your cartridge as small as 8 microns ( a grain of sand is around 1000 microns ) Plus cleaning is a breeze. Just take the lid off, hose out the cartridge and its ready to go again. 

Some key features include :

  • Built from highly durable UV Resistant plastics
  • Lid and locking ring have large handles for easy grip
  • 40mm & 50mm Unions to suit your existing pipework 
  • Small footprint
  • Stainless steel, oiled filled pressure gauage to tell you when the element needs cleaning
  • Internal bypass valve prevents exceedingly high pressure
  • 10 Year pro-rata warranty 

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