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Enjoy your pool at any time of year, with the most powerful domestic pool heater on the market. It’s up to 600% more energy-efficient than other domestic pool heaters, and can save you the equivalent of a holiday in Europe each year.

  • Compact: Easily installed into small spaces.
  • Quiet: Forget it even exists and enjoy a lovely heated pool any time.
  • Economical: Up to 600% more energy-efficient, compared to other heating methods.
  • Responsible: We use zero-ozone-depletion rated R410a refrigerant. And we’re registered under the Australian government’s Ozone Protection & Greenhouse Gas Act.
  • Safe: There are no flues or barriers needed, and it won’t burn little fingers.
  • Flexible: Able to be fitted to new pools or retrofitted.
  • Unique Features and Technology
  • R410a and High-Spec Compressors: For Super High Efficiency
  • 10-15% lower running costs. This could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year in savings
  • Dual Control: Smartphone Control and Heater Mounted
  • The Smartphone controller allows you to check and control your heater from anywhere on the planet you have internet access. Go on, show off to your friends. Or start heating the spa while still in at work!

Cleanline Stainless steel chassis
Stainless steel cabinet for a modern appearance.

Thermotec defrost and reverse cycle defrost.
When the weather turns colder there’s nothing better than a cold pool right? Wrong.
Twin defrost systems ensure the DHP-R is heating far more often than other models.
Reverse cycle or hot gas injection defrost cools the pool while it’s melting the ice – the exact opposite of what you want your pool heater to do when its cold!
Don’t waste time and energy. Keep on heating when other brands are choked with ice and cooling the pool.

EEV – Electronic Expansion Valve
The most advanced refrigeration control available. Constant real-time monitoring and adjustment of the refrigeration system to maximise the unit output. TX valve systems come close but cannot match. Capillary systems perform very poorly in very warm or cold weather – up to 30% lower!

High Efficiency/C.O.P.
Some brands claim outlandish efficiencies but can’t back it up with performance or proof. Our C.O.P.’s are backed up by verified test reports in audited test laboratories. We back our equipment to outperform the competition every time.

Complete Control

  • Dual control: heater mounted and Smartphone App.
  • The exclusive Evoheat wireless colour remote LCD control comes as standard for all DHP models.
  • Advanced control and diagnostics operation.
  • Set and forget: It’s super simple to use but smart enough to give amazing functionality.
  • Inbuilt clock and timer: control start and stop times of the heater and water pump.
  • Testlogic pump control: the DHP-R can turn the water pump on and off as needed. Save money and keep your pool at the perfect temp using the inbuilt Testlogic system
  • Heating, cooling or automatic mode: auto mode will keep your pool just like Goldilocks wanted it. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right!
  • Fully adjustable defrost parameters. Tweak even more performance out of your DHP-R.
  • Detailed sensor readouts and numerous adjustable settings: keep any tech-head amused for hours.

Bulletproof Reliability
With components from the worlds premier HVAC component suppliers such as:
Carel Italy
Copeland USA
Sanyo Japan
Zeihl Abegg Germany
Refco Switzerland
Saigonomaya Japan
You can be certain that the DHP-R range is built to perform and keep on performing.
Warranty, Parts and Service

For further peace of mind EvoHeat Pool Heaters offer an industry leading warranty of 15 years on the titanium heat exchanger; 5 years on compressors; 2 years on all parts and 1 year on site labour. EvoHeat have a comprehensive network of specialist service agents nationally to ensure maximum equipment uptime. Spare parts are kept in stock in the extremely unlikely event that they are required.

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