Aquatight Saturn Series Chrome Salt Chlorinator


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The Saturn Series Chlorinator is a compact, reliable and affordable unit. If you like the latest technology, superior performance, and contemporary good looks, the new Saturn Series Chrome is for you. 

The easy to read control panel automatically tells you when your salt level is to low, or to high, and simply adjust the output of the chlorine by turning a dial. With a self cleaning cell, this chlorinator is easy to use and even easier to maintain. 

The Aquatight Saturn Series Chrome Chlorinator is proudly Australian made by AIS. Australian Innovative Systems is a multi award winning Australian manufacturer of pool chlorinators, they are being recognized world-wide for being an industry leader in water disinfection technology. 

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This chlorinator is available in 20g and 30g per hour ( 20g up to 80,000L, 30g up to 100,000L ) Also comes with a 2 year warranty, 1 year manufacturers warranty and 1 year extended warranty.

  • Reverse Polarity, meaning the cell is self cleaning
  • Contemporary good looks
  • Affordable, yet quality system
  • Latest in water disinfection technology
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Can be fitted to any pool
  • Chlorine output adjust


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