EMRX Series BLUE Pool Light


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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The EMRX Series is a simple twist and click design that will give your pool a radiant modern look. Designed to be a straight replacement for PAL200, Waterco ( Britestream ) Aquaquip Evo 2", Autumn Solar, Aqua Delight and 50mm Class 9 PV

Features Include :
  •   Recessed design for minimal projection into pool
  •   Protrudes only 25mm into pool
  •   Pool cleaner friendly
  •   Compact diameter 120mm for fibreglass
  •   Latest design combined with our DuoSink® &PulseWave® technology
  •   Kind to the environment, operating on approximately 90% less energy than a normal 100watt halogen light
  •   Direct Connect electrical connection eliminates possible sources of water entry
  •   Slotted rim and patented Heatsink design allows water to directly flow heat sink dramatically increasing cooling capabilities
  •   Designed and manufactured in Australia
  •   Rated to IPX 8
  •   State of the art control system using DuoSink® & PulseWave® technology
  •   Detachable plug top / cable for ease of servicing
  •   Built in self-diagnostics
  •   Patented 'Click-Fit' bayonet locking system - No fixing screws
  •   Ceramic Light Engine available in Blue, White and Multi-colour

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