Autoclear Gen 2 Saltwater Chlorinators


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The new and improved Autoclear Chlorinator is a 'set and forget' type of unit, making it easier than ever to look after you pool.

With auto-clean technology, the dreaded job of cleaning your cell with acid is a thing of the past, as this cell keeps itself nice and clean. The unit also has a great feature in its dual timers, one timer for your pump, the other timer for your pool light, again making it completely automatic. With lights to tell you when your pool needs salt, and a dial to adjust the chlorine output, this is definitely a system you can rely on.

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The Gen 2 Autoclear unit comes in 3 different sizes, depending on the volume of your pool. Be sure to give us a call to find out which model is best suited to your pool. 

Backed by a massive 3 year warranty on all parts and labour, and an extra 2 year pro-rata warranty on the cell 

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