Zodiac G2 Barracuda Cleaner


$595.00 $742.00

The Zodiac G2 is one of the most popular suction cleaners in Australia. Its robust design and powerful cleaning action make it very reliable and one of the countries favourites. The G2 is suited to all surfaces, above and below ground pools, and will pick up even the smallest debris.

One of Zodiacs best seller over the past decade, its skirt provides strong adhesive to the floor and walls, and its free-swivelling inner cassette creates random steering, making sure the whole pool is cleaned. The G2 uses a small rubber diaphram, the cleaners only moving part, which makes for easy maintenance, and a lot quieter operation compared to the hammer style suction cleaners. 

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Included in the box
  • The G2 head & skirt
  • 12 x Twist & lock hose lengths
  • Deflector wheel
  • Quick start manual
  • Hose weight
  • Leader hose attachment 
  • Flow valve
  • Pool Pulse
  • Hose protection mesh
  • Warranty card

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