Kreepy Krauly VTX 3

Kreepy Krauly

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The Kreepy Krauly VTX-3 uses the same Vortex Cleaning Technology as the top of the range VTX-7, only its been condensed. It still has the triple cleaning action, how ever its smaller body and pipes make it ideal for those compact pools. Dont let the small size fool you though. 

The VTX-3 will scrub the surface of your pool as it uses its powerful suction technology to pick up sand and debris through out your pool. The Ultra Flex hose and Steering System allows it to criss-cross your pool and achieve maximum cleaning coverage.

Another huge benefit of the VTX-3, which is similar to its big brother the VTX-7, is the Smart Skim Technology. The Smart Skim regulates the amount of suction needed and uses the excess to skim the service of your pool. No need to adjust any valves as it will do this for you. 

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The VTX-3 includes 12m hose, and is built to last, backed by a Full System 1 year warranty, and a massive 10 year warranty on the Flow Drive, its single moving part. 

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