Klever Kleena SX1 Robot Pool Cleaner

Klever Kleena

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The SX1 K-Bot Robot Cleaner is perfect for above ground and small in ground pools. With its fast and incredibly efficient movements around your pool, and a 1.5 hour cleaning cycle, it will pick up debris and scrub the surface in no time at all. 

The beauty of robot cleaners is they no longer work via the skimmer box. Simply plug into the power outlet and let the CleverClean Coverage Technology take over, making sure every inch of your pool is cleaned. This also leaves the skimmer box open to do its job and skim the surface for you. With an easy to remove leaf cannister inside the unit, they are a breeze to use and easy to look after.

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The SX1 comes with a 12m cable and a 2 year warranty  

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