iCleaner 120 Robotic Pool Cleaner

ICH Roboter Australia


A Complete Cleaning Solution With Unbeatable Value!

Specifically designed with the residential pool owner in mind, the 120 series iCleaner transforms pool cleaning from a chore, to an activity even the kids will want to do. With the iCleaner in your pool, your family and friends can enjoy a cleaner, safer swim.

Power and Precision

The powerful twin drive motors give you exceptional manoeuvrability and climbing capability, and the dedicated water pump has a filtration rate of just under 300 litres per minute. Combine this with 2 large intake gates, a high capacity filter bag and a systematic cleaning program, the iCleaner 120 will economically and efficiently clean your pool and improve the quality of your water. With the hand held, full function remote control, you can even " target clean " the pool just prior to jumping in!

Value For Money

If you are considering investing in a robot pool cleaner, you deserve the whole package. All robots in the iCleaner range come standard with the remote control for target cleaning, twin drive motors, suitable for all pool shapes, and a dedicated water pump for outstanding climbing capacity. The sponge wheels are suitable for all pool surfaces, and a caddy makes for easy transportation and storage. To top it off, the iCleaner comes with a floor only option for that " quick clean " when you need the pool in a hurry.



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